Some of favorite writers in no particular order:

 Gretchen Rubin. Author of Better than Before and The Happiness Project. Reading Better than Before--listening to the audiobook, actually, got me started down this road, thinking about writing about transformation and discovery. Her work on the Four Tendencies provided me with some useful insights on improving follow through. (My Questioner and Obliger tendencies are virtually tied, with a strong Rebel bent. Which is why this blog sat dormant, right?)

Joe Hill Fiction.  Author of Heart-Shaped Box and NOS4A2. Also, he is witty and adorable on Twitter. 

John Hornor Jacobs.  Go read Southern Gods, if you haven't already.  You're welcome.

Joyce Carol Oates.  The master (mistress?) of the deliciously dark.  My favorites are Blonde and Collector of Hearts. She's written another novel in the time it took you to read this, and then she tweeted something witty about it.

Ekere Tallie.   Poet and beautiful soul, author of Karma's Footsteps. Someone whose path I was meant to cross. Watch her work here

Nikky Finney.   Poet. National Book Award recipient for Head Off and Split. After spending a week studying with her, I haven't been the same. I reread her comments on my poetry when things get tough. She gave the best acceptance speech EVAH for her National Book Award. Watch below.