Returning to the blogosphere

Hiya! Welcome back to my blog, with a slightly different focus that I had before. Instead of writing about writing, I've decided to write about something that has always been of interest to me... the transformation narrative. Our culture is rife with these sorts of stories, right? Sandy turns into a satin-pants-wearing bad girl for Danny. The Beast transforms into a handsome prince for Belle. The diet industry promises that in just a few days (weeks, months), we will be new people. Reality shows focus on makeovers of homes, restaurants, offices, and people. We are enthralled by the transformation narrative, by the idea that anything is possible and that meaningful change can be achieved.

I read and listen to a lot of self-help books and advice podcasts. Occasionally, I even implement something that they have said, usually with varying levels of success. My redefinition of my blog was intended to 1) get me writing on a regular basis and 2) to provide some thoughts on various iterations of the transformation narrative. Enjoy!