Reviewing the Writing Workshop Part Deux

Yes, there were so many good parts to the Kenyon Review Writers' Workshop, that it requires another blog post.

For an introvert such as myself, solitude is invigorating. This was the case while at my writing workshop. There was no one that I HAD to interact with--no pesky--spouses, bosses, children--and all the socializing was on my terms.

Change of scenery
Although I noted the scenery and it's a beauty in the prior post, I think that any change of scenery is beneficial. How much writing do we get done when we are traveling?

This particular workshop drew people from all over the country – over the world, in fact. The people were of many ages and varied professions, from undergraduate students to lawyers to professional writers. It was an interesting group of folks I wouldn't normally run into. Again, the change of scenery people-wise was also inspiring.

Next time, I'll discuss the not-as-lovely bits...