Set a goal...

Set a goal. Isn't that one of the cornerstones of sage writing wisdom?

I often set goals really high, probably too high, because I want to aim for something awesome, even if I do not quite hit it.

At least that has been my theory up to this point. Turns out another side effect of creating super-high goals is that it can also create super-high pressure.

Remember how in the last post I said I don't believe in writer's block? Well, I still don't.

But I believe in writer's fear, in writer's lack of confidence. It feels like a block, but a more apt definition would be writer's paralysis.

So when paralyzed, do we need to abandon goals altogether?

Not sure I can do that, either. Because then I'm not accountable for anything.

My s.o. suggests another way: setting an absurdly low but uncompromising goal. Mine is 100 words a day on the WIP. Can be more but MUST be at least 100 words. The 100 words MUST be on the WIP; I can write on other projects once the 100 word minimum on WIP is met.

Further, because accountability helps one meet goals, I have to tell him when I have met my goal for the day.

If I don't meet my 100 word minimum, then I'm a bad writer and I don't get a cookie. Or something. Today, my treat is pudding. So today it would be no pudding, I guess.

The point is, I have a goal and someone expecting me to meet it. The fear is gone because I know my goal is doable, while the benefits of accountability remain.

Today, I got 106 new words on a project that's been stalled for a few weeks.