Joe Hill Squee & Good Writing Mojo

This photo of your humble narrator was taken over the weekend.

Lately, I've been getting rejections and feeling discouraged. I needed a jolt of good writing mojo and thought that meeting Joe Hill might give me some.

If you haven't heard him talk, you should. He's funny and encouraging. During the Q & A, he said writers shouldn't sit down to write a book but instead should sit to write a great scene. Also, he mentioned that he is very habit driven as a writer; a few of his morning routines are read a poem (ROCK!), read a story in the NEW YORK TIMES, and write 1000 words.

So, instead of assuming something airy-fairy like touching Joe Hill will give me good mojo--tempting as that idea is--I've decided instead to actually do something (like split that infinitive). What to do to improve mojo?

WRITE! Make a goal for word count and then hit it.

SUBMIT. I have one story that has been lovingly rejected several times. It's gonna get a quickie revision and get resubmitted. I'm bad about keeping my work circulating, so that sounds like another goal. Nothing gets published if it isn't being circulated!

WRITE something different. I'm working on a novel but want to work on some shorter work, too, so time to write a poem or two. Like jello, there's always room for poetry.

WORK IT. My brain works better when my bod works better. Even a quick walk will be better than the nothing I've been doing, so I plan to walk and go to a yoga class this week. Woot!

READ. Right now, I'm reading Gillian Flynn's DARK PLACES because GONE GIRL rocked my socks so much. I'm going to try to finish that, partly because it's good to read but also because I want to start reading Joe Hill's NOS4A2 as soon as I can!

That's what I'm doing to juice my writing this week. Meeting one of my favorite writers was simply icing on the red velvet cake. Squee! And now, I'm off to write, read, work out, or something to get my mojo going. What are you gonna do?