Take up a new art

Writers need to write. That's a given. But how to keep those creative juices flowing? I like to try a new artistic endeavor, even if it's something I suck at, like drawing. Yeah, I'm super awful--can't-draw-a-stick-figure-awful--but I still do it occasionally for a giggle.

Best case scenario, you learn some new info that can inform and round out your stories and characters. I love learning new terminology that I can use in a poem, too. You also tickle new synapses and get things firing in your noggin. It's important to read, yes, but most of us writers have been bookworms since childhood. Pry the book or Kindle from your hands! I'm suggesting novelty both of activity and information. Do some kinetic learning.

Although I'm not great or even good at pottery, I am more creative when I'm enrolled in a pottery class because I'm learning and DOing new things all the time, and it's creative but in a different way than with words.

So get off the blog and go paint a picture or something!