Goals Met?

Just to keep me honest, here's what I accomplished from among last week's goals:

- worked out
- wrote some new stuff for school but nothing creative
- met about half my intended word count on WIP
- finished reading Dark Places
- submitted a story to a great market.

Although more writing bad news rolled in today--rejection!--I'm focusing on the aspects I can control. Making goals, working to hit them, and tracking progress are all part of this game.

Plus, I know if I might blog about it, then I'm also building in some accountability. If a goal isn't met in the woods when there's no one to tell, was it ever really a goal? To put that tortured re-phrase out of its misery, here it is: get some people to whom you're accountable to help you hold up your end of the bargain.

I can't make other people like my writing; I can only keep writing (and other stuff) as I work toward my bigger goals.

More on those big'uns another time...